Our Story

"Chamchan Herbal, from herbs to the secret of beauty, especially for Thai women, for over
5 decades" Chamchan has created beauty values from traditional Thai herbs into a beauty
business that many international countries have accepted.
Over the past 50 years, khun Vanphen Choempraphai, the founder of Chamchan Herbal, gave birth to 3 children by taking only the medicine. She then started having melasma all over her face, which did not heal from any treatments she went for. Later, she took her children to visit her parents in the province of Phrae, where she was born, both of them saw her face and were shocked by the face's condition, the face and skin looked dull and lifeless. She then brought 2 types of dried herbal roots, one for facial treatment and another for blood nourishing. Khun Vanphen used it every day for 20 consecutive days. Surprisingly, her face looked fairer and the skin got smoother and clearer. It then sparked her thoughts, "These natural herbs will be the starting point for women to become more beautiful safely." 

Khun Vanphen traveled to study more in facial and body massage and beauty maintenance at the FERNANDO ORBY Institute, a famous beauty institution In France. She then studied for more knowledge in Germany, England, Switzerland, Italy, as well as other countries in Europe, including many states in the United States And Japan until she received countless certificates and many educational certificates from beauty institutions around the world. After that, she brought knowledge combined with herbal expertise which became the beauty secret of Chamchan Herbal. Beautiful, safe, with natural herbs.

Chamchan first appeared to the world in the year of 1982, the WRAMY company from Italy invited our founder, khun Vanphen, to introduce and demonstrate massaging knowledge to the WRAMY staff and Italians. From that day, Chamchan Herbal became famous and well-known in European countries.

Later in the year of 1984, khun Vanphen was appointed to the position of Vice President of the INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL THERAPISTS  (World Beauty Association) Institute, which made Chamchan become widely famous and well-known in England. During the year 1987, Khun Vanphen received 'THE WINNER Award' at the MISS UNIVERSE contest in Singapore. Making herself become a more guaranteed and experienced expert in beauty care that reached global standards. In addition to the special guaranteed awards of Chamchan Herbal, Khun Vanphen received the opportunity to educate and demonstrate various locations around the world. This emphasizes the marvel of Chamchan Herbal for the world to know. She was considered the first Thai person to apply the science of herbs, creating tips of Thai herbs to the world's beauty standards.
Transferring beauty tips from generation to generation, Chamchan Herbal is still an expert full of experience, knowledge, and beauty tips that are unique within the herbal industry for more than 50 years. To this day, Chamchan Herbal has expanded the business to support growing numbers of customers. With concepts and administration of khun "Tanida Choempraphai", khun Vanphen's only daughter, which has been passed on, the knowledge, expertise, and standards of Chamchan. Chamchan has redesigned and modernized the look to be in line with better service because we always think that "besides an excellent service, we want customers to get the best back" Currently, Chamchan Herbal has expanded its business network by opening Aim Laboratory Ltd., in order to produce cosmetics and herbal products with efficient and standardized technology, for sale both domestically and abroad.
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