Oriental Spa Treatments

Body Scrub 

Olive Stone Scrub                                        2,200 THB / 60 mins

Extracted from natural olive seeds, it contains impressive antioxidant
qualities. A gentle exfoliating scrub that is perfect for all skin types.
Moistures whilst scrubbing the skin.
Salt Scrub                                                    2,200 THB / 60 mins
 Known for its excellence in removing dead skin cells and activating new,
healthy cell renewal whilst retaining the skin’s moist.
Chamchan Thai Herbal Scrub                     2,200 THB / 60 mins
This unique body scrub consists of a blend of thai herbs mixed with
milk powder before being applied to the body, it gently removes
the dead skin cells. Leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh.
Coffee Scrub                                               2,200 THB / 60 mins
Coffee itself is beneficial for those who want their skin to become brighter,
reduces cellulite meanwhile exfoliating, removes dull surfaces,
detoxifies your skin and enhances healthier-looking skin.
Gold Scrub                                                  2,400 THB / 60 mins
Enhancing your body treatment experience with this 24k gold
scrub that exfoliates skin impurities, makes the skin glowing and
silky-smooth. A scrub for flawless skin.  

Body Wrap

 Seaweed Body Wrap                                   2,000 THB / 45 mins

100% natural seaweeds which are extracted from underneath the ocean,
masked and wrapped all over the body allowing nutrients from the seaweeds
themselves to absorb into the skin, giving the skin an ultimate restoration.

Tamarind & Coffee Body Wrap                    2,000 THB / 45 mins

Tamarind is known for rich in vitamins and cleanses the skin of dead
 cells and such impurities, whilst coffee contains antioxidant properties and
 calms down the nerves. Combining the two to provide the finest skin indulgence.

Green Tea Body Wrap                                   2,000 THB / 45 mins

Countless benefits of green tea as such anti-aging, anti-inflammatory,
reduces redness and skin irritation, treats cellulite, and most importantly
hydrates and nourishes the skin resulting a healthy skin.

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