Oriental Spa Therapies

Aromatic Facial Therapy
Facial Aroma Treatment                               2,400 THB / 90 mins
A deeply relaxing treatment for the face, neck, shoulders & scalp as
well as exfoliating skin cells using chamchan's signature facial scrub.
Finishing off with a face mask that intensely revives the skin.
Facial Aroma Massage                               2,000 THB / 60 mins
Focusing only on massaging the face, helping to aid relaxation,
breaking down tension knots in the shoulders & scalp & gently
restoring balance in the skin.  
Full Body Therapy 
Aromatic Massage                                      2,500 THB / 90 mins 
A relaxing restorative massage style from head-to-toe that comes with
a choice of Chamchan’s essential oil blends combined with a 17-spot
lymphatic drainage massagefor an ultimate skin moisture and
detoxification which rebalances the body, soul, and mind. 

Chamchan Signature Massage                    2,100 THB / 60 mins
   A choice of Chamchan’s essential oil blends, this treatment combines
 Thai and aromatic massaging techniques. This program truly
helps to relieve muscle tensions, promote blood circulation,
invigorate and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.
Swedish Massage                                        2,100 THB / 60 mins
Designed for an absolute relaxation, this treatment uses specialized
massaging techniques to work into the muscles and soft tissues
relieving stress and tension, improving circulation and muscle tone.
Sport Massage                                             2,100 THB / 60 mins
A deep and intensive massage, that aims to recover muscles resulting
from extreme events, applying mainly on muscles to stimulate blood
circulation and soothes stress and tension.
Bali Style Massage                                      2,100 THB / 60 mins 
A strong-pressured massaging techniques by using the therapist’s
thumb pressure, pressed long-firmed strokes along the body to boost
body circulation, loosens knotted tissue and repairs muscle damage.
Focused Massage Therapy
Foot Massage                                             1,000 THB / 60 mins
The way in which organ function can be influenced by the stimulation
of reflex points located on the sole of the feet and encourages the body's
healing process on its own. It is a natural way of balancing the entire
body and stimulating the circulatory system.
Back & Shoulder Massage                        2,000 THB / 45 mins 
Focusing only on the areas of back and shoulder that are
most susceptible to tension from stress.

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